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Quickex is a trusted and secure crypto exchange platform launched in 2018.

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Understanding Quickex's Crypto Exchange Process

Select the desired currency pair
To begin a cryptocurrency exchange on Quickex, start by choosing the cryptocurrency pair you wish to trade. Utilize the "You send" and "You receive" dropdowns to specify the crypto you want to sell and acquire.
Specify the number of funds and the destination address
Once you've selected the pair, input the exchange amount in the "You send" field. The platform automatically calculates the equivalent in the "You receive" field based on the current exchange rate. Fill in the "Destination address" for receiving funds and double-check details to ensure a seamless transaction.
Make a transfer
After these steps, you'll be directed to the exchange page, revealing the transfer address and exact fund amount. Head to your wallet, send the specified funds to the Quickex address, and upon successful transfer, we'll notify you promptly. Once the transaction is complete, the exchanged funds will be transferred directly to the wallet address you provided.


Number of exchanges
7 819
The most popular exchange pair
Average exchange time
10.4 min

Why customers choose Quickex

Best exchange rates
Leverage the power of Quickex to maximize your crypto assets' worth. By partnering with esteemed crypto trading platforms, we ensure the most lucrative deals for our users. We pledge to offer the most competitive exchange rates in the market.
Fast transactions
Trade your crypto assets at Quickex and witness the efficiency of our swift transactions. Our strategic collaborations with reputable crypto trading platforms empower us to identify and deliver the best exchange rates promptly.
Transparent service
At Quickex, we value your privacy and prioritize maintaining control of funds in your hands. You can monitor your transaction at every stage and oversee the entire process. We refrain from storing coins: after the exchange, they are sent directly to your wallet.


Quickex retains your privacy and guarantees security.We are a non-custodial exchange service

We respect your privacy
No registration required
No holding of your funds
We operate in full automatic mode
No hidden fees

Trusted crypto exchange

Maria Lehmann
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
I have been using this exchanger for more than a year already. I like that the exchange is always carried out quickly, there have never been any delays. The conditions are suitable for everyone and therefore I only use it on a regular basis.
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Excellent service! Support responds instantly, it's clear that people are working. The transaction is fast, of cource the speed of transaction depends more on the network congestion, but as soon as the network passes, you will be transferred money as fast as possible! I have transaction on many exchanges, this one was recommended to me and I was very pleased with it. Now I myself will recommend it to everyone, which I'm doing👍
Yves Lacroix
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
One of the best crypto exchanges. Everything is clear and it is not difficult even for a beginner to exchange crypto. The service takes a small commission. And the money comes instantly. Conveniently fast and reliable.
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
We started a partnership with this exchanger and it is already listed on our monitor. Also you may leave your feedback or review on this page: https://www. bestchange. com/quickex-exchanger.html
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Best service for crypto exchanging! My friend recommend me quickex several weeks ago so I tried it. And I've never regretted. It's very convenient and have a lot of crypto pairs. Will continue to work with this service.
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Good exchanger. I changed BTC to BUSD. Funds received on the Ether network instead of BSC. At the expense of the exchanger, the funds were transferred to the desired network, and they also gave a small bonus.
JD com
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
This exchanger has a quick exchange and high liquidity. Responsive tech support. Will use again!
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
I had an amazing experience in terms of security, the smooth transition and very understanding simple user interface
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Transactions/exchange take it 20-25 min. Thanks
Пока что доверяю только этому обменнику после многих других. Обменник работает стабильно, транзакции оперативные, выгодный курс.
Последнее время постоянно пользуюсь этим обменником бтц — доллар. Быстрый вывод, отличный курс обмена, хорошая, оперативная служба поддержки.
Как правило, через это сервис делаю обмены по направлению BTC-USDT. Транзакции по пол дня не висят — оперативно проходят. Да и комиссия не задрана.
Меняю в обменнике Euro на Bitcoin, здесь самый выгодный курс и хорошая скорость обмена, поддержка быстро помогает.
Быстрый и надежный сервис. Всегда выгодные курсы, заявки обрабатываются оперативно. Для обмена крипты — отличный вариант.
Действительно, обменник надёжный и работает чётко! Я меняю здесь WMZ на QIWI периодически и всегда курс выгоднее, чем где-то. Деньги на кошелёк приходят быстро. Проблем ни разу не возникало. Моя оценка — отлично!
Обменник понравился, транзакцию выполнили на протяжении нескольких минут, рекомендую!
Постоянно меняю здесь TRON и MONERO, все устраивает. Обменник работает как часы без задержек в переводе. Курсы тоже приемлемые, так держать.
Лиза Г.
Я занималась обменом биткоинов. Когда я оформляла заявку, курс криптовалюты был зафиксирован, что позволило мне знать точную сумму, которую я получу в результате обмена. Кроме того, процесс обмена биткоинов происходит довольно быстро.



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