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EOS. The main competitor of Ethereum

Now Ether occupies one of the leading positions in the cryptocurrency rating. The existing problems of the system are efficiently solved through creating forks. While the creators of Ethereum are defining the way of further updates, new projects with excellent prospects appear on the cryptocurrency market. One of such competing projects is EOS.

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The birth of EOS as a new cryptocurrency refers to the summer of 2016. Experts initially considered this platform an innovative development that has the potential of a leader in the field of blockchain technologies. The goal of the project founders was to create a flexible platform with high transaction speed for decentralized applications (dApps). And already the first stage of the ICO allowed to raise an impressive 170 million dollars.

The platform is based on the use of asynchronous smart contracts that can work in parallel. This innovation allowed to bring the number of transactions to 100 thousand per second. The creators of the project own 10% of the issued tokens (the total emission is 1 billion). In 2019, EOS came to fifth place in terms of market capitalization.

EOS cryptocurrency is available for purchase in several ways. In 2016, the distribution of tokens was carried out in the Ethereum network. That is, to purchase EOS tokens, you first had to buy ETH. Now the sale of tokens is carried out on all major cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as on our Quickex exchanger, and you can buy them (besides ETH) for BTC or USDT. An important moment: the mining of this cryptocurrency does not exist.

Among the drawbacks of this promising coin are:

  • Growing competition. Among the main "rivals" can be noted Tezos and Quantum. And it is still very far away from the victory over Ethereum.

  • Dependency on the platform and prediction complexity. The token rate is directly affected by the success of the project as a whole.

  • Platform control by developers. The creators of EOS own 10% of tokens, which partly does not fit with decentralization and independence of the cryptocurrency.

2019 will show how justified are the claims of EOS to be among the leaders in the blockchain industry. But crypto enthusiasts are left to listen to expert opinions, monitor news websites, follow the exchange rate on Quickex and intelligently build their portfolios.

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