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Quickex. Easy API For An Efficient Exchange Platform

Boom of crypto has affected many people. And some have taken the advantage of the hype. As a result, a huge number of crypto exchanges has popped up and offered their services converting currencies both crypto and fiat. Even today after almost 10 years since cryptocurrencies were born, new exchanging platforms keep appearing on the map. Very few of them can survive the competition of the market and provide their customers with wide variety of reliable services.

Quickex. Easy API For An Efficient Exchange Platform


So what actually makes a great startup stand out? API! However finding an efficient solution is no easy task. Some options charge ludicrous fees, others can offer a limited list of exchange pairs or a limited functionality. How to find the right API to boost your growth and expansion?


Quickex API is the right choice if you need to:

  1. Launch your own exchange platform.

Save your time and funds to develop your own script or buy somebody else’s product of dubious quality.

  1. To enhance the exchange you already have launched.

Expand the list of exchange pairs and bring new functionality to your customers.

  1. Start accepting crypto as means of payment.

Make the list of means of payment bigger on your website. Let people make purchases with several most popular cryptocurrencies.

  1. Improve your crypto wallet.

In case you have a wallet that still needs to be fitted with exchange and swap functions, Quickex API is definitely the right way for you to go.


Quickex API is not an experiment. It is a working product!

Quickex API is not an experiment. It is a working product! Our exchange is one of the best on the market; it is quick, safe and user-friendly.

  • We are integrated with more than 20 exchanges with the highest liquidity on the market (Bittrex, Hitbtc, Exmo, Okex, Binance, you name it). This allows us to provide our users with the best exchange rate possible.

  • Quickex is one button, one click/tap, one tab service.

  • We fix the exchange rate for 15 minutes. Your customers will find that most convenient.

  • We charge only 0.5% fee. You can charge as much as you want above that!

Quickex API is a key to a quick success of your project!

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