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Best Bitcoin & Crypto Affiliate Program 2019

Quickex is an instant cryptocurrency exchange platform
that provides best crypto-to-crypto rates on the market
Fast. Easy. Trustworthy.
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Why choose us?

We use a 50/50 lifetime revenue-share model to reward our affiliates
50% of our revenue
Once the transaction is finished, you receive 50% of our revenue from the exchange.
Global Reach
We provide a better service in more than 150+ countries worldwide.
You make as much as possible with unlimited cookie lifetime and 50% share of our revenue.
Hight Conversion
User-friendly and modern landing page with easy navigation that boosts your conversion to the Moon.

Best bitcoin affiliate and referral program

Quickex’s affiliate / referral program

Welcome to Quickex’s affiliate / referral program. Quickex is constantly looking for ways to increase traffic. The more people convert their cryptocurrency assets using Quickex, the more satisfied customers there are online. That is why we have designed quite lucrative partner program that could help all parties involved – Quickex, affiliate networks, publishers and customers brought under our referral program – benefit from btc affiliate or other crypto affiliate.

A partner program ‘is a performance-based marketing effort which implies that a company or enterprise shares its revenues to reward its affiliate(s) for each unique customer or visitor driven to the website of that company or enterprise due to marketing of the affiliate(s)’. Quickex partner program consists in joining Quickex’s affiliate / referral program and creating an affiliate’s or publisher’s account which gives access to Quickex referral link that can be published on different websites and platforms.

Why Quickex has the best btc affiliate / referral of 2019 ?

Quickex offers the best rates, the lowest fees and very user-friendly design. All that ensures high conversion numbers among the users brought under Quickex affiliate. The first payout terms are also quite advantageous to every participant of the partner program of the platform. The minimum payout amount any affiliate can withdraw is 0.0001 BTC. The partner program allows all affiliates withdraw their revenues in BTC or ETH. In the future, the list of means for withdrawal will be expanded.

Not to mention, that our partner and referral programs offer unlimited lifetime of cookies and that ensures that all the participants of Quickex affiliate will be entitled to unlimited stream of revshare. This fully compensates the fact that the fee of 0.5% that we charge on each transaction is very small.

Additionally, all users who participate in our referral program and are driven to Quickex by the marketing effort of affiliate partners, will be left quite satisfied with the services Quickex provides and will respond better to publishers’ content in the future.

Important Payouts will not be made in case you:

  1. Use the links to convert your own funds.
  2. Use Quickex’s brand name in a domain or copy our site in any form.
  3. Advertise misusing our brand.
Quickex affiliate offers:
  1. 50% of revenues generated on transactions made by customers brought under our referral program.
  2. Cookie lifetime is unlimited and guarantees revenues on each transaction in case of btc affiliate or any other crypto affiliate;
  3. Minimum payout is possible after the first 3 unique transactions made by 3 unique users to 3 unique wallets.

By taking part in the partner program of Quickex you help cryptocurrency users find and use one of the best exchange platforms that can facilitate all their transactions and by turning them into participants of referral program gain a steady income from our revshare model.

How to participate in the crypto affiliate / referral of Quickex?

To become an affiliate publisher of Quickex under the partner program of the platform, all you need to do is register at and create an account. From there you gain access to all relevant metrics, banners you can use to post on your website or platform and the referral link. Within the account, you can convert your payout into BTC or ETH and withdraw your revenues.