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Happy New Year With New Coins At Quickex

Quickex is improving to give you a better service! We have recently increased the list of the coins available at our website.

Happy New Year With New Coins At Quickex

Aside from popular BTC, ETH, LTC и ETC, our clients can exchange and acquire the following coins:
  • Dash (DASH).
  • Ripple (XRP).
  • Universa (UTNP).
If you are not that familiar with these or even never heard of them, let's learn a bit more about them


Dash is an open, decentralized payment systems based on blockchain that offers anonymous transactions. The coin was launched in 2014. Since Dash is decentralized it is a minable currency that is distributed among all network agents as follows:
  • 45% of coins goes to miners.
  • 45% is allocated to master-nodes.
  • 10% is further invested in financing projects and network development.
Formally, Dash is Bitcoin’s fork but it has several differences compared to other altcoins. It doesn’t require as much capacity to mine as Bitcoin does. Dash is absolutely anonymous and has a unique two-tiered system. These features along with being available as means of regular payments make Dash one of the coins with largest capitalization. One of the advantages Dash has thanks to its decentralization is that every network’s agent can make suggestions regarding further development of the coin or participate in other people’s initiatives. Initially, Dash had the name of DarkCoin which was later replaced by Xcoin. Eventually though, the developers decided to call their coin Dash – a short for Digital cASH.
  • Immediate transactions. Integration with banking system.
  • Dash is compatible with Visa. Extra anonymous transactions via PrivateSend service.
  • Several encryption algorithms.
You need to have a wallet compatible with the coin to store and use it. Dash can be purchased or exchanged at our exchange platform and crypto exchanges.


Ripple is a decentralized cryptocurrency platform for payment systems. Its main goal is to provide irreversible currency exchange operations. The project was launched in 2012. Ripple’s key feature is a consensus ledger. The network uses internal tokens, the main currency is called Ripple (XRP). The network is not based on blockchain in conventional sense. The blockchain here serves as high-capacity database distributed among network’s hubs. It can process as many as 1500 transactions per second. The total amount of coins minted is 100 bln XRP issued after the project was launched. Such a substantial emission caused a low price of the coin compared to other crypto assets.
However, there are only 40% of the total amount of XRP in circulation, i.e. used by real users. The main part of the supply is hodled by the project’s team. Ripple has successfully partnered such significant players of banking sector as Union Credit, Santander, Westpac, UBS, Axis Bank and several others.
  • High-speed transactions.
  • Low transaction costs and availability of tokens.
  • Well established partnerships with banks.


Universa is a system that provided sustainability of smart contracts and their functionality. The platform was developed and launched by Russian developers to promote blockchains and improving its tech aspects. The project was launched in 2017. Currently, Universa is one of the fastest and easy-to-scale networks for using smart contracts and application in real time. One of the prime goals of Universa is implementing smart contracts for handling documents, facilitating financial operations, logistics and payments. A smart contract can be verified either by all the parties entering into it or by one of them exclusively. It is constituted by two parts. One of them is open to all parties, the other is encrypted. Every smart contract is given an ID. Any access to encrypted part is regulated by requirements set forth in the contract.
  • A simple protocol for blockchain and application development.
  • High-speed and low-cost transactions.
  • Blockchain-based smart contracts. Absence of any unnecessary costs.



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