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Invest in DASH?

Being one of the popular cryptocurrency projects, DASH was originally launched under the name XCoin, which was later replaced by Darkcoin, and then by the current one - DASH. With the new name, the platform began to position itself as an anonymous open source digital currency. The creators of the project are focused on the issues of promptness of transactions and security as much as possible


Invest in DASH?


Anonymity, as a feature of DASH, occurs in extremely reliable protection of user data. Such results were achieved through the use of technology DarkSend. Another feature of this cryptocurrency is the work on the basis of decentralized autonomous organizations. Experts see significant similarities between DASH and the most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin. However, the design of the project took into account many of the shortcomings of the first cryptocurrency, so that DASH avoided failure at the start, as it happened with a lot of newbies in the blockchain industry.



  • Limit of the maximum emission volume;

  • Anonymity and versatility - through the use of a two-tier system of miners and master nodes;

  • High transaction speed;

  • Rewards for the block and for the performed mining are divided between miners and master nodes;

  • Release of DASH tokens will be conducted until 2150;

  • Digital currency is compatible with many devices - wallets and crypto-machines.



  • Fixed amount of tokens (19 million);

  • Existence of almost complete DASH analogues (Pivx, Crown) on the blockchain market;

  • The lack of a critical mass of sellers and users of the cryptocurrency;

  • Reasonable charges of the project in the premining, which the creators explained as a bug in the source code.

For the DASH project, it tooks about two years to get to its current positions. Undoubtedly, this cryptocurrency is very competitive and popular, but for global acknowledgement it lacks a number of key characteristics, which were indicated in the article. Despite this, we noticed that DASH has become one of the most popular currencies on our exchange. Keep track of DASH exchange rate fluctuations at Quickex, do not forget to get the latest news and always invest at the right time.

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