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Quickex global extension. Hundreds of new exchange directions

Now purchase and exchange processes on the most exchangers are controlled by operators, while Quickex is one of a small number of automated crypto exchangers. Another benefit of the platform is ease of use for customers, due to the introduction of more advanced mechanisms that allow users to buy, sell and exchange at the best price. At the same time, the technical complexity of the used mechanisms is hidden from users by a simple platform interface - you can purchase and exchange a cryptocurrency right on the main page of the website. But the topic of today's material is a global update of the platform, introduced in early May.


Quickex new coins


It will be about expanding the areas of exchange. And here the progress of Quickex is impressive: less than a year ago it started with the BTC-ETH and ETH-BTC pairs as with the most demanded ones, a little later Quickex customers could already operate with the larger number of popular coins, and today after the latest global update more than a hundred new currencies are available, which means more than 2000 cryptocurrency pairs! Thus, after the May update, the full list of tokens that are traded on Quickex is as follows:


"BTC'', "ETH", "ETC", "EXP", "XEM", "LSK", "ZEC", "NLG", "STRAT", "ARDR", "REP", "LBC", "MAID", "LTC", "XRP", "DOGE", "AMP", "NXT", "DASH", "USNBT", "NAV", "POT", "GNT", "WAVES", "USDT", "SWT", "MLN", "DGD", "TRST", "EDG", "WINGS", "RLC", "GNO", "DCR", "GUP", "SYS", "LUN", "XLM", "BAT", "ANT", "BNT", "CVC", "EOS", "PAY", "NEO", "OMG", "MCO", "ADX", "ZRX", "QTUM", "PTOY", "STORJ", "FUN", "HMQ", "NMR", "SALT", "XVG", "BTG", "DGB", "DNT", "VIB", "RCN", "POWR", "TRX", "PPT", "STX", "KMD", "WAX", "BRD", "DCN", "SNM", "NGC", "NOAH", "BNB", "ZEN", "AE", "WTC", "ARK", "ARN", "PART", "ZAP","ABYSS", "LRC", "POLY", "XZC", "SMART", "BQX", "NEXO", "ONT", "BETR", "ENJ", "BCD", "KNC", "TUSD", "DENT", "BKX", "MITH", "TEL", "DAI", "LINK", "MKR", "R", "AION", "IGNIS", "ADA", "PROC", "GUSD", "USDC", "HT", "GRS", "EURS", "BCHABC", "BCHSV", "DGTX", "PAX", "STORM", "MANA", "NIM", "PMA", "RFR", "XTZ", "BTT", "GAS", "FET".


At the same time, Quickex remains a convenient and easy-to-use platform, using which you can conduct exchange operations quickly, anonymously and with a commission of only 0.3%!

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