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When You Are Not at BestChange, You Work Hard. Or Else.

We conducted interviews. We looked for ways to improve. We listened to user stories.



After a great class of marketing and growth hacking with a great coach from Moscow, we conducted several interviews looking for the pains our customer might have and so we could try and make them disappear.

20 interviews. $10 each. Audience: miners, traders and bounty hunters.

We found out that:

  • Miners are really into secrecy; they want to mine for fiat directly, in other words, coins and tokens must convert into USD or EUR and deposit themselves to bank cards directly.
  • Traders use instant exchange platforms as entry and exit points to and from exchanges, converting fiat to crypto and vice versa.
  • Bounty hunters want to see the minimum allowed to exchange equal to as little as 100 RUB (or $1,51) and the fees as close to 0 as possible.
  • All of them want to see the exchange platform at BestChange.

Vicious Circle

Typical user story: «I opened a new tab in my browser. Googled «bestchange». Checked out the exchange rates. Followed the link to one of the exchanges. I’ve used a couple of exchanges so far. Well, 3 or 4 of them… I don’t even remember their names.»

In general, BestChange is the Rome of the crypto world when it comes to instant exchange platforms. If your platform is listed there, you get lots of traffic and transactions. If not – you suffer.

The thing is, BestChange wants to see activity at your website, real customers coming, using your service and reviewing it. At the same time, your potential customers want to see your platform at BestChange. Who is to break this vicious circle, we wonder?

It’s like in a joke about a Siberian shaman who first advises his tribesmen to prepare for a cold winter and increase their wood supplies and then consults with the meteorologists to find out if he was right. They, in their turn, respond that the winter is going to be challenging because the local tribesmen are out for more wood than usual.

The joke isn’t funny. Just like the situation in whole.

The Way Out

All is left is to struggle and try and win over every customer. To struggle with Google Ads, Yandex Direct, FB and VK being hostile to any cryptocurrency-related platform. To do your best and gain some traffic to start with and then try and persuade BestChange admins to list your platform at their webiste.

All that is actually beneficial to any customer. If you are number 2 or – in our case – if you are not listed at BestChange, you have to work really hard and provide the customers with the best possible service. You do everything to get them to give you a chance to prove that working with is worth it.

And it’s worth it because in most cases the issues our customers have experienced were related to a transaction taking more than promised 5-30 minutes. And the main reason for such inconveniences is that the blockchains are slow to give their confirmations as we mentioned that in our previous article.

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