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1 Reason in CAPITALS Why Exchanging Takes So Much Time

Crypto must be fast. Faster than fiat. We know that and strive to provide our customers with the fastest service possible. However, sometimes exchanging takes more time than expected and can be quite irritating. It’s totally OK for you to be angry with the service if 5-30 minutes promised earlier turn into 2 hours or more. But most likely the fault is… in blockchain.

Take your time. There’s no hurry. Yours, Blockchain

The Issue

Before we exchange something, we need to ensure that this ‘something’ has been transferred to our master wallet. This requires 2 or more confirmations exact number depending on the blockchain in question. And here the pain begins.

Sometimes it takes no more than a couple of minutes for the confirmations to happen. But sometimes it takes a couple of hours.

I exchange at Quickex. Not blockchain

What To Do

If it takes more than 5-30 minutes to complete the transaction you might want to do the following.

  1. Check the status of the transaction using its hash.
  2. If there are no confirmations yet… well, all is left is to wait.
  3. If the transaction is OK but exchange is still in progress – knock on the support chat.

We can’t vouch for blockchains but there is one thing you can be sure about. We’ll always help you with any trouble you may have. Even of it will take us some time to react

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