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Quickex is a very promising crypto exchange service. It is fast, safe and very user-friendly. I have tested it myself and encourage you to do the same. You can do it with an incredibly small amount of 0.0001 BTC.
Alex Linenko, CEO @
Nice exchange service. It is simple to use and saves you money. Small commission and truly best rates; checked it myself. No need to create an account and pass tedious KYC. The number of pairs is constantly growing.
Mofassair Hossain, CEO and Founder @ Perhalic
Quickex means exchanging crypto safely and saving money. It doesn’t charge hidden commissions. Nice design and simplicity surely will make it a great platform of 2018.
Andrey Korotkov, Member @ IDACB advisory board
Beyond any doubt, Quickex is bound to be one of the greatest exchange platforms of its generation. It is fully anonymous. No registration. Took me around 4 minutes to complete the transaction. Give it a shot and support the service online.
Rumen Slavchov, Crypto enthusiast, ICO Expert and Advisor

Оценка 5+


Как всегда быстро и по хорошему курсу!


Красаучики, уважаю. И всем рекомендую!!!


BTC > LTC прошел за полчаса, это хорошо, потому что сеть битка сейчас загружена


Уже который раз перевожу Кифир Классик в Битки и всегда очень быстро и процент копеечный. Рибяты, это лучший обменник на данный момент (30 ноября 2018г)


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