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How to convert BTC to ETH in Quickex?

In this article, we will analyze how to exchange cryptocurrency in the Quickex service. Important details that you should know before using the Quickex exchange.

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1. Select BTC to ETH currency pair.

Go to and select BTC in the left box ("You send") and ETH in the right box ("You get") and click "Start" program.

2. Enter a destination and return addresses

Enter the destination address. On the same page on the left, you will see the assigned unique identifier (ID) for this transaction. The ID is required when contacting technical support in case of problems with the transaction. Carefully read the documents "Terms of Use" and "Privacy Policy". If you agree with the provisions of these documents, check the appropriate box, and double-check all the entered data. If everything looks right, go to the next step by clicking "Start transaction".

3. Send to the address below cryptocurrency.

Now your transaction was initiated. On this page, you will see the address of the purse. This is the address to which you want to send the coins that you want to exchange. For some currencies, in addition to the address, the wallet address and TAG (Payment ID, Tag, Message, Memo) will be shown. In no case do not send your money without specifying a TAG, your money may be lost forever! The provided address will be reserved for this transaction and the Quickex service will wait for the money to be sent to this address for 240 minutes. You need to send money before the expiration of this time. In no case do not send your money after 240 minutes have elapsed since the exchange request was initiated! Your money may be lost forever! In no case do not re-send your money to the address received within the framework of one application!

4. Transfer confirmation

As soon as we receive the coins, our service will automatically exchange your money on the cryptocurrency exchange and instantly send them to the destination address specified in step 2. Since all exchanges are made on the cryptocurrency exchange according to the order book, our service does not record the exchange rate. The service calculator shows the expected rate. Also, this rate does not take into account the commission of cryptocurrency exchanges for sending. Therefore, due to the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market, you can get more or fewer coins than shown in the calculator.

5. Done!

It usually takes us 30-90 minutes to complete a transaction. In some cases, the waiting time may be extended due to network delays.

You need to create a new exchange if you want to re-exchange the same coins or others.

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