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Quickex: Best Rate Cryptocurrency
Exchange Is Here

Despite turbulence on the crypto market, the number of regular users has been steadily growing as well as need for crypto exchange platform. Quickex is here to harness this wave and aims to provide regular cryptocurrency hodlers with efficient and easy-to-use tool to buy, sell and exchange crypto and fiat.

By March 2018 around 25 mln US citizens had come to possess crypto among their assets. As the tendency had been the same in the rest of the world for quite some time, crypto exchange platforms started popping up. They offered to facilitate financial operations with crypto for regular users who were not that much savvy when it came to such operations.

However, none of those platforms has managed to meet all the requirements and provide truly user-friendly and cost-effective solution so far. Changelly charges high fees on fiat-crypto transactions. Shapeshift does not work with credit cards. Selling crypto at Bitpanda is less lucrative than on regular exchanges. Whatever platform you pick, it is most likely to be flawed in some way.

Quickex’s main goal is to address those flaws by implementing better mechanisms that will allow the users to buy, sell and exchange at the best rate all the time. Aggregating the buy and sell orders available on more than 30 crypto exchanges, the platform finds the most lucrative match and exercises the transaction charging only 0.5% commission. Quickex uses sophisticated and complex mechanisms but leaves them behind the curtain and offers simple design and pleasant experience.

The platform is already up and available here. Be sure to check it out and share your experience on Twitter, VKontakte and Telegram.

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