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Quickex has entered the market very recently. We started with BTC — ETH and ETH — BTC pairs as these are the most demanded ones. However, we are happy to announce the addition of new pairs.

Our drop-down menu of available cryptocurrencies has been expanded by XRP, LTC, BCH and EOS. All of them are paired with each other and initial BTC and ETH.


Launched shortly after Bitcoin, in 2011, Litecoin offered a faster solution to processing transactions. As the number of LTC users grows, including establishments and organizations, this altcion is a must for every exchanger.


Perfect tool for international transactions. Ripple’s network has no need for miners which causes consumption of computing power and network latency to decrease drastically. Despite the controversy around Ripple not being entirely decentralized, this altcoin’s trading volumes are too impresive for us to ignore it.


BCH made it to the top of the lists on platforms like CoinMarketCap due to its speed (several times faster than BTC), lower cost per transaction, higher capacity and strength than those of BTC and larger potential market. Also a must.


A recent surge of the market capitalization of EOS made it impossible to miss this coin. Huge trading volumes mean huge number of users or, in other words, potential Quickex customers.

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