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Terms of Use

Welcome to Quickex is an exchange platform that allows you to exchange cryptocurrencies at the best rate available. Terms "We", "Exchange", "Platform", "Exchange operator" used on this website refer to

By using Quickex, you agree with the present terms. Please, read them carefully. In case you disagree with the terms and conditions disclosed hereby, you may not use the Exchange.

Quickex reserves the right to make changes to its website, policies and terms of use at any time. The content of the website pages is provided to you as general information and for your personal use only. It is subject to change without notice.

Quickex shall not be responsible for any loss caused by any reason while working with the Platform. Any kind of loss caused by a third party activities has to be handled by the user exclusively.

Quickex charges a fee on each exchange transaction for using the service. The fee is ~0.5% of the transaction volume. The fee can be subject to reasonable fluctuations due to the mathematical rounding.

Transactions cannot be canceled by Quickex. Therefore, check your payment details before executing each transaction. Quickex is not responsible for your assets once they have been sent to the wallet stated in the transaction log. doesnt guarantee the uptime of the exchange. Maintenance and downtime may be required at times.

By uploading or sharing any kind of data, you automatically grant us a worldwide license to use your data. It becomes part of the public domain as long as it remains on our website. By using the Platform you grant Quickex permission to use your data for marketing or any other purposes.

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