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How we provide the best rate

Please select desired currency pair
After that we immediately find the best rate on 30+ exchange platforms, thanks to a sophisticated robot. If you like offered rate, press the big red button "Exchange" to start the exchange transaction.
Also, Quickex collects available rates from other exchange platforms, so you can compare and choose the best one.
You can exchange any amount without registration and KYC procedure.
Enter your destination and refund addresses
Destination address – is the address of the wallet where exchanged currency will be transferred to after transaction is complete.
Refund address – is the address of the wallet where amount you wish to exchange will be refunded to in case if something goes wrong.
Press the big red button "Start transaction" to proceed to the next step.
Send cryptocurrency
to the address below
Just click on "copy" button to copy the address to which you will need to send cryptocurrency you wish to exchange and paste it in your wallet or use QR code scanner in your mobile wallet.
After that Quickex will find the hash of your transfer and the progress bar will move to the next step.
Exchange cryptoccurrencies
quickly and safely
Quickex exchanges your cryptocurrency at the best rate within several minutes.
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Successful transaction
As you see the whole exchange procedure is fully anonymous, fast and secure.
Be sure to leave your feedback, help grow and improve.