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Quickex: New Design For New Crypto Era

Only a lazy one have not yet claimed web design to be the key to a website’s success. Just like we sometimes judge people by their clothes, we judge websites by the UI and UX all the time. Naturally, we at Quickex share this believe and have worked on improving those components of our platform as well.

As before, the first thing a user sees is the exchange menu. We keep it simple here. Just take a look at the exchange rate updated in real-time, select the pair you need, input the amount you need to convert and click/tap ‘Exchange’.

We care about our ‘Best Rate’ claim being grounded in facts. Hence the comparison table below the exchange menu. It allows you to figure out whether your transaction will truly be more lucrative with Quickex than any other exchanger.

Testimonial section added for our customers to share their experience with newcomers. Aside from that, a couple of reviews from prominent cryptoworld people will be provided as well.

However, you are always welcome to check the reviews on other websites and platforms.

We at Quickex are always on a hunt for more traffic. The more visitors we get, the more satisfied customers there are online.

Affiliate’ dashboard is simple and easy to use. Create an account, get the referral link and start earning with Quickex right away.

To give some insights into recent movements of funds, we added data on transactions and total volume.

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