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‘Swap&Buy’ coins at your service with Quickex API

An instant exchange can be both B2C and B2B. So we thought and…
We are happy to announce that Quickex API passed the tests and has been successfully deployed.

Whom did we have in mind developing

Any multi-currency wallet, ICO service provider, mobile apps providing market data and online stores accepting 2+ coins can profit from integrating with Quickex via our API.

We believe that providing your customers with an option of swapping different currencies and buying them with VISA/MasterCard increases the activity of returning users and stimulates the flow of new ones.

How it works

Quickex API is a way to high liquidity on each transaction. Its core quickly finds the best sell and buy orders on 8 the most prominent exchanges (Binance, Bitfinex, OKex…), matches them and offers the best rate.

Working with our API any business is free to set their own fee on every transaction over the 0.3% charged by Quickex.
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