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October 11, 2023
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Development of the Cryptocurrency Industry: the Main Reasons for their Success

Cryptocurrencies have surged in popularity, driven by decentralization and technological advancements. Millennials are at the forefront of this financial revolution, seeking unconventional ways to improve their finances.

Development of the Cryptocurrency Industry: the Main Reasons for their Success

The great popularity achieved by cryptocurrencies in recent years has made many people more interested in exploring this new type of digital asset. And among this growing number of new investors, the question constantly arises: What are the benefits of using cryptocurrencies? Or why are they so popular? Moreover, we will try to break down what has contributed so much to their tremendous growth, and their widespread adoption in our lives. Quickex.com's analytics team has prepared a full article that will answer all potential questions. Moreover, it is the most popular to exchange cryptocurrency place in the entire blockchain ecosystem. 

Which Generation Buy the Most Cryptocurrencies?

In the cryptocurrency financial market, there is no doubt that millennials are leading the way. In fact, it is estimated that 57% of all cryptocurrency owners are millennials . The remainder of this percentage is divided between Generation Z and Generation X. This segmentation represents an important trait of a generation that has faced serious financial challenges throughout their lives, causing them to rely on unconventional ways to increase their income.

Cryptocurrencies allow us to transfer value online without relying on a central counterparty such as a bank. They allow fast transfers 24/7. In this sense, some argue that it is the best form of value transfer because it offers a level of privacy, security and immutability (irreversibility) that traditional money does not offer. But beware: with great power comes great responsibility. Without interfering with banking institutions or other regulatory agencies, each individual is solely responsible for the safety of his or her cryptocurrencies

Why can Cryptocurrencies DeFi Exchanges Replace Fiat Currency?

Very important factor is trust. Cryptocurrencies emerged to decentralize the management of individual funds, making them fall outside the control of financial institutions. This independence implies that its value is not backed by central governments. Therefore, markets do not trust cryptocurrencies as much as they trust fiat currencies, whose supply and inflation are controlled by central banks.

Stablecoins want to gain some of that certainty by controlling their fluctuations through algorithms or linking them to fluctuations in fiat currency, tangible assets (gold, real estate) or other cryptocurrency, making them less volatile. 

Frankly speaking, the biggest difference between a cryptocurrency, such as Ethereum, and a fiat currency, such as EUR or USD, is not that one has coins and the other does not even physically exist, but in regulation. The dollar, like the euro, or any other currency is controlled by a central bank, while crypto only by . This control prevents the currency from fluctuating too much, making it easier to trade because it has a stable price base.

Can Someone Control Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is solely controlled by the community and market, no one controls it, so the rules are changing here. 

What about the yield part?

The consumer always cares whether the money he has today will have more or less the same value tomorrow, but not to those who speculate. If a user buys 100 bitcoins at one euro each and its value is multiplied by 10 over five years, paying in bitcoins will allow him to get more goods at a lower price than it would have cost him if he had paid in euros. However, the variation in the value of bitcoins is so great that the user assumes a great risk because as it increases, its value may decrease.

The main reasons for the popularity of cryptocurrencies:

  1. Security of transactions: transactions performed with cryptocurrencies are very secure because they use blockchain technology, which is very difficult to hack.
  2. Global Currency: Some of these digital currencies are supranational and are not controlled by any public organization. This factor allows them to be used anywhere in the world as a means of payment. However, today they exist, it is possible to invest in cryptocurrencies created and controlled by states such as the electronic yuan.
  3. No intermediaries needed: Intermediaries such as banks are taken out of the equation to work with this payment method, which means less costs and commissions and more user control.
  4. Anonymity: transactions can be performed more or less anonymously. 
  5. Promptness: cryptocurrency transactions are automatic and instantaneous, unlike some bank transactions which can even take days.
  6. Issuance is limited: the issuance of some cryptocurrencies is controlled by an algorithm until it reaches the maximum that can be issued. This avoids inflation for the most part, since the money supply does not grow so much that its intrinsic value does not fall.

International Acceptance

No currency could have become popular if people did not use it. Thousands of years ago, when barter still existed, gold became the primary means of monetary exchange for the purchase of goods and services because of its special characteristics of the precious metal.

Crypto, as well as BTC  and ETH follow the same path. It is increasingly accepted nationally and internationally as a medium of exchange, especially because of its deflationary nature and its role as a means of savings. 

This is a big difference with other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and Tether seems to have advanced further in this particular monetization process. And the advantages over centralized products and services are obvious: the ability to send and receive any amount of money instantly to and from anywhere in the world, at any time. No banks with schedules. No restrictions. No set limits.  

Tether (#USDT) surpasses Visa (#V) and Mastercard (#MA) in 2022 in terms of processed payments - Tether/Coingeko data


In general terms, the enormous growth of the cryptocurrency sector was tied to decentralization. This is the technology that drives many people to work with cryptocurrency. In 2023, in an era of lack of privacy due to the surveillance of private companies and states, this means of payment, which is not tracked by the state, began to gain in popularity. However, this is not the only reason. Society is shaped by its technological needs, and all cryptocurrency derivatives, namely NFT, Metaverses, DeFi, bring a new milestone in the era of digital development. And the most important thing it can give people is a technological breakthrough that eliminates a lot of gaps in the market of fiat currencies and centralized banking. 

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